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ByteRMS is the 21st Century’s most advanced foodie platform that smartly provides

its users with countless food options tailored to meet the users individual budget

and choices.

This software has an infinite capability to smoothly handle the restaurants CRM data

and display the company’s business and sales results in Realtime.

ByteRMS is also designed to provide smart digital marketing services for the restaurants.

We have combined the power of Social Media Marketing, VOIP and CRM

to provide you and your customers with an exciting new experience.

Online Food Ordering Applications ByteRMS

Cloud Based Restaurant Management System


Social Media Marketing

Firmly combined with Facebook , extremely solid platform for restaurant showcasing.


IVR Marketing

Through our call place application eatery can promote their arrangements on each approaching calls just by essentially recording a message and transfer on the framework, also they can begin IVR Marketing effort by recording their voice message for the clients and framework will naturally begin dialing to the clients of the restaurants. Which will be extremely simple and bother free for any restaurant to work.


SMS Marketing

ByteRMS will also enable to send marketing sms at a nominal cost which would result in increased sales results.

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Single profiles on all platforms, Know your customers, Your regular customers, Your first time customers, Your broken customers, Customers demographics, Greet your customers

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