Cloud Based Restaurant POS System Maple

Cloud Based Restaurant POS System Maple

Cloud Based Restaurant POS System Maple

Today, Cloud Based Restaurant POS System Maple is being used in restaurants to manage and monitor retail and business data in real time. Point of Sales System is more manageable than their predecessors (bulky cash registers) while addition of cloud service has further enhanced their importance. All business data stored in the cloud and owners can see or access the data from anywhere and anytime.

What is a restaurant POS system?

POS or point of sales system serves as a main hub which integrates all systems inside Restaurant Management System into a single system. Cloud data is stored on remote servers via the internet and remains accessible forever. The arrival of electrical calculators and other innovations herald the way of initial POS and addition of cloud technology make it more useful. Nowadays, many restaurant owners and other businesses are switching to digital POS systems to check cash flow, inventory details, and employee’s data, analyze profits and to decide procurement decisions. So today, digital POS systems are much more than accepting payments from customers.

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Latest Generations

Latest POS Systems work online and allow owners to control restaurants using smartphones anytime, anywhere. Digital POS systems are different from traditional POS systems. Digital POS systems allow customers to make payments from anywhere without going to restaurants’ counters for transactions. Secondly, all the data stored on the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Digital POS systems are compatible with smartphones and tablets so restaurant owners can track their business from anywhere using these gadgets. Frontend interfaces of Restaurant Point of Sales System include tablets, smartphones and touchscreen monitors while backend interfaces can be accessed through web browsers.

Cloud Based Restaurant POS System Maple

ByteRMS is a trusted and certified software provider in Canada with specialized services of Restaurant POS Solution. These latest systems offer businesses immediate solutions of their problems so owners can run their restaurant efficiently. POS System enables the immediate delivery of orders to kitchen monitors so chefs can ensure fast and timely delivery of required food items. Owners and managers can see the inventory and can order for new material as per need. One of the most important things is that old systems are susceptible to crashing and data in the hard drive is also at risk of damage but the latest system stores data on the cloud which remains secure. 

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Benefits of Cloud Based Restaurant POS System

There are many benefits of digital POS system and mPOS or mobile point of system has skyrocketed the business growth. These systems help to increase profit, allow access to sales data anywhere and everywhere and are more secure and protected. Some of the benefits of the modern point of sale system are as follows.

1. Real-Time Data Accessibility

Cloud based POS software offers the payment of cash from any device whether it be a smartphone or tablet but it must be compatible with the software. Secondly, it keeps the record of all payments that can be checked any time.

2. Accelerate Payment Process

The system has made the payment process easier and faster than before. Customers can pay through the internet without paying cash on counters. You can select the best payment option according to your choice and it will be done in a few clicks.

3. Integrates Everything

Every single system of a restaurant is linked with the Restaurant POS System. Managers and owners can access the system using their device without the need of checking the accounts department separately.

4. Immediate Setup

In order to access the point of sale system, you need to sign in online or you can download a POS application to get started. However, the application can be accessed immediately if you have signed up for a free trial otherwise you have to subscribe to a plan to get the required service. Secondly, a locally hosted POS system needs to be installed by experts to run it efficiently and to adjust it as per your business needs.

5. Cost Analysis

POS Application is generally subscription based service offering both long term and short term contracts. Short term contracts provide licensing, customer support and software update services. On the other hand, locally hosted systems require long term contracts of high costs due to a special hardware setup, provider support and regular maintenance needs.

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6. Sector-Focused Features

Today, many businesses are promoting the use of cloud-based EPOS which is intended for specific sectors such as restaurants and retail. Electronic Point of System applications ensure the availability of selected features related to these fields and also provide on-demand features for any business.

7. Automatic Software Updates

Restaurant Point of Sales Software needed an active internet connection to run. While some offline features are also available but the store data sync on the cloud after connection reinstated. Some of the POS apps are compatible with iPads while some are designed for Android use only. There is no need for a separate software update if you are using the latest version of the POS app because updates are done automatically in the latest version. Meanwhile, on-site POS systems required periodic updates manually because they are dependent upon physical servers for data storage.

8. Highly Secure

Latest systems are very secure as they store data on clouds so there are no risks of losing the data. Even if hardware or the hard drive of a computer is damaged then still owners can access the data from anywhere. On the other hand, locally hosted POS systems are vulnerable to security threats and all data can be lost due to hardware failure.

9. Improve Efficiency & Profits

Restaurant POS Solution helps to increase efficiency and business profits such as if the menu, inventory and other problems can be solved on time then it will have positive impacts on business.

10. Enhanced Customer Experience

Clients and customers appreciate your efforts when you treat them like VIPs using mobile cloud based POS to get their order and ensure the instant delivery of food on their tables.

Wrap Up…..

In a nutshell, latest digital POS Systems are much better than clunky servers so it’s best time to move on towards Restaurant Point of Sales Software presented by ByteRMS.

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