Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System Mississauga

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System ByteRMS

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System Mississauga

People have been using registers and other paperwork to keep a record of everything going on at their restaurants. But these are traditional methods, which have evolved with the passage of time. They have been left behind because of their many drawbacks. The first one being the space they occupy in the restaurant, a complete record room is needed to cater them. Secondly, it is a very difficult thing to find out some record from the big bundle of records placed in the record room. Another drawback is that they are not secure, they can get lost and damaged because of natural hazards.

Restaurant POS System ByteRMS

These are some of the reasons why today all the business prefer a computerized and systematic method of keeping record and performing the tasks in a transparent manner. This is where the use of a POS System comes in. These days, physical cash is difficult to handle, and digital cards are being used everywhere. Therefore, the restaurants need a method to accept credit card payments. A Restaurant POS System accepts payments digitally and the customers do not have to carry cash with them.

But, a Point of Sales System doesn’t do just that, it does much more than receiving payments digitally. It receives orders and directs them to the kitchen, so that the staff in the kitchen can work accordingly. This prevents miscommunication and preparation of food faster and in a smoother way. In addition to this, a POS system records sales data, thus making it easier to manage and track the inventory. The restaurant managers can easily order the items that are going low and stay away from troublesome situations.

Restaurant POS Solution ByteRMS

What are parts of POS system?

Restaurant Point of Sales System is quite an intricate software. The basic parts of every POS system are software, hardware and the installation process. Here is a list of the most basic components:

  • Receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
  • Keyboard
  • Debit and credit card reader
  • Number pad
  • Computer terminal
  • Server

There are many different kinds of POS systems offered out there. Some come with additional components that include a touchscreen monitor.

What is a cloud based Restaurant POS system?

When you understand what a Restaurant Point of Sales Software, then understanding the cloud based system would be very easy for you. A Cloud Based Restaurant POS System is a kind of restaurant POS system that works through the internet. It stores the data on cloud and makes it accessible for the restaurant managers from anywhere through their smartphones.

Cloud Based Restaurant POS System Byterms

These kind of systems work with a big range of devices. The customers can send orders by using their tablet and transactions can be carried out from home. Anyone allowed can access the data and the restaurant managers can make changes to the menu card online. The orders are taken online and transmitted to the kitchen, the sale data is tracked and managed online.

A traditional POS system has risk of data being lost in case of a crash in the hardware. This is very troublesome for the business managers, so it must be avoided. Whereas, the risk of data loss in case of not having a backup is reduced and almost driven out by using a cloud-based restaurant POS system. It stores the data on the cloud permanently and makes it accessible for the people anytime and from anywhere. The data is stored on the internet, so the data is stored safely and is there on the internet whenever you need it and no matter what happens to the hardware.

Restaurant Management System Mississauga

ByteRMS offers the best Restaurant Management Systems all over Canada. They offer the Restaurant management system with the most features and the best new technology to suit the needs of your restaurant. It would manage everything at the restaurant and keep you updated with all things. You will stay connected to your restaurant no matter where you are and it will take away much of your headache.

Restaurant Point of Sales System ByteRMS

Components of Cloud-Based POS system

The basic components of any cloud-based point of sales system are the hardware and the software. ByteRMS has designed their POS system to meet the needs of a busy restaurant and finish the troubles of the restaurant managers. Restaurant POS Solution hardware comes with these components:

Thermal Printer

This printer is an essential thing and is used to print out kitchen tickets, tokens and customer receipts.


The touchscreen monitor is an easy to use and user-friendly interface. It avoids the use of keyboard and mouse and provides an intuitive experience for the customers as well as the restaurant staff. It is very convenient to use and improves the customer experience as well as the experience of the employee staff. No liquids and crumbs gather near the edges because of the bezel-free design of the touchscreen.

Restaurant Point of Sales Software ByteRMS


Our POS Application comes with a router that enables the restaurant managers to operate the POS system securely and with ease. They can easily send and transfer data between all their devices in the network. This enables a smooth intercommunication between the whole restaurants and prevents any miscommunication and communication gaps.

Touchscreen display for the customers

There is a touchscreen display that is for the clients to sign credit card receipts by hand, receive orders, sign up for loyalty programs and electronic receipts. This is a much-appreciated feature of the restaurant managements system as it provides quick service to the customers and an easy way to save paper and receipt registers.

Solid state hard drive

There is a solid state drive to boost the memory and it is more durable because of not having any moving parts.

Our POS Software comes with all these many other features. It will boost the sales of your restaurant and increase the number of people coming into your restaurant. It will also make the life of the restaurant managers easier by accurately handling the payments, managing the inventory and keeping records of every transaction. The cloud-based system will keep you updated anywhere and anytime. So, order now and get the maximum benefits of an RMS from ByteRMS.

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