Cloud Based Restaurant POS System Toronto

Cloud Based Restaurant POS System by ByteRMS

Cloud Based Restaurant POS System Toronto

What is a Restaurant POS System?

POS is short for Point of Sales system. It is a system that runs through a restaurant and integrates all the systems of the restaurant into a single big system. It manages the cash flow, the inventory, the tracking of sales, the food management, accounts and the record keeping. This system has revolutionized the restaurant chains around the globe with its enormous benefits.

Cloud Based Restaurant POS System Toronto ByteRMS

What benefits does a Cloud Based POS System has over the ordinary POS systems?

A Cloud Based Restaurant POS System is a web-based point of sale system that works online, and you can manage your restaurant through your smartphone. It is different from the ordinary POS Systems, as it allows you to process the payments and transactions from any place with internet access rather than going to the counter of the restaurant to do the transactions through the local computer. It has made life easier for the restaurant owners as they can look after their restaurant wherever they are without the need to poke their nose into the inventory, the kitchen and other places of the restaurant.

With a Cloud Based Restaurant POS System Toronto, all data is stored and secured in the cloud, and can be accessed over the internet. These systems are compatible with smartphones and tablets, so the restaurant owners can run their entire restaurant from their gadgets. This speeds up the entire process of record keeping and saves it for access anytime and from anywhere. This system not just helps to manage the sales from anywhere, but you can manage your business remotely from any device and from anywhere you are.

Cloud does not mean any ordinary physical cloud, but it just suggests that there is an internet cloud on which all the data is stored. It is a very secure way of saving the data and the data becomes accessible anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of a Cloud Based POS System Toronto

There are a lot of benefits of having a Cloud Based POS Application. A few of them are:

1. Receive payments on any device

With a Cloud Based POS software you just need your smartphone or tablet to carry out payments, and you can pay anything easily. The POS software has a number of methods for that and does it easily in a timely and transparent manner. In addition to this, it keeps a record of all the payments and saves it for you to check the records anytime and from anywhere.

2. Speed up payments

With the Cloud Based POS System, the customers an easily pay through the internet, without the need to carry cash to the restaurant. The software offers a number of ways for payment transfers and everyone can find the method that suits them. The process is very fast and can be done in a few clicks.

3. Integrates everything

The Restaurant POS System combines every system of the restaurant and make them all running as a single big system that the restaurant manager manages by using their smartphone. They no longer have to look into everything separately and check the accounts and payment details from their respective departments. They get all the necessary data and information on their gadget through the clod-based system and are able to access everything smartly and without any trouble. Accounting and tax software also works in it and you can integrate the payment methods into it to carry out everything through that big main system.

4. Security

The Cloud Based Restaurants POS Systems are much secure as compared to the other POS systems.  They give access to just the people who are allowed to access them and loss of data is minimized.  It stores the data in a safe place for many years and cannot be deleted by any third-party.

5. Check Data Analytics

You can easily access the data and compare the sales of different products to choose the product that need to be sold more and the one that need to be left out. You can access this data on your smartphone at any location you are.

6. User-Friendly software

The Restaurant Management System is easy to understand and is very user-friendly. It has all the options displayed according to the kind of person checking it, whether they are the customers or the restaurant managers. They get everything according to their needs displayed right in front of them and accessible in just a few clicks.

7. Manage the inventory easily

One of the biggest benefits of a POS system is that it helps to manage one of the most difficult parts of managing the restaurant i.e., the inventory. The stocks and available items can be checked out anytime from any location through the clod-based system.  You can easily see which items are running out and which items need to be bought again. And then you can carry out the payments online to refill the stocks. Maintaining the stocks and raw materials is one of the most important steps in making the restaurant to run smoothly.

The big thing is that the Restaurant Point of Sales System works for restaurants of all sizes, whether it is a dine-in small restaurant or a big party restaurant. The software suits every kind of need and has the ability to adjust to the size of the restaurant. You can easily manage the schedules and off days of the employees and this way manage their salaries in a computerized manner. This saves you from a lot of headache that is needed in calculating the salaries of all the individual employees according to their day-offs and sick leaves.

In short, you can use the Restaurant Point of Sales Software Toronto to carry out the following tasks:

  • Integrate the kitchen display
  • Get the latest analytics and reports
  • Schedule the shifts of employees
  • Manage the inventory
  • Manage the stocks
  • Manage the orders online
  • Table reservation

Payment processing

These benefits make the Restaurant POS Solution a necessary thing whenever starting a new restaurant or running a restaurant for many years. It is the biggest assistance for the restaurant managers which assists and manages everything around the restaurant in a transparent and efficient manner.

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