Cloud Based Restaurant POS System Vaughan

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System Vaughan ByteRMS

Cloud Based Restaurant POS System Vaughan

For years, cash registers are being used to accept payment from customers in restaurants. Nowadays, Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System has replaced the good old days’ friends and empowers restaurant owners to manage and monitor their entire retail or business from anyplace around the globe.

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System ByteRMS

The invention of the POS System

POS means a point of sale system whereas cloud is used when data is stored on a network of remote servers via the internet. So, a Cloud-Based POS System is such a system that stores sales data of a restaurant online while its predecessor stores data on a local server or personal computer. The use of electrical calculators and other innovations in the 1900s paved the way for the development of the first point of sale system. Many businesses switched to digital POS hardware to process credit and debit card payments. These systems automatically record sales data which restaurant owners can use afterward to take inventory, analyze data and manage procurement decisions.

Newer Generations

Latest POS System is a web-enabled system that allows owners and managers to keep monitoring sales and inventory from anywhere in the world. These systems have shared terminals that are incorporated with accounting systems. Tablets, smartphones and touchscreen monitors are some of the frontend interfaces of the Restaurant Point of Sales System. Meanwhile, web browsers are used to access the backend interface.

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System ByteRMS

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System Vaughan

Many service providers all across Canada provide all sorts of Restaurant Management systems and software, however; ByteRMS is the most trusted Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System Vaughan company in all of them for being a guaranteed software provider. These systems show real-time data and offer immediate solutions which help restaurant owners to run their business efficiently. Orders are immediately delivered to the kitchen monitor through the Point of Sales System so chefs can see and ensure fast delivery of food. Managers can use this system to track inventory and can order required material accordingly. Owners can access sales data from anywhere at home, on the road, or during a journey. There is also a risk of crashing in this system like a traditional system but data remains secure in the cloud as it stores data over the internet in remote servers.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System ByteRMS

The latest systems help to improve efficiency, increase profits, provide access to real-time data and especially are more secure than traditional systems.

Immediate Setup

Cloud-Based Point of Sale System can be accessed after signing up online or by downloading a POS application. It will be ready to use instantly as some service providers launch free trials for testing purposes otherwise users need to subscribe to a plan to get the service. Meanwhile, legacy POS or locally hosted systems demand set up payment. A highly professional engineer is also needed who can set up equipment and adjust the software as per the needs of the business. Secondly, legacy POS systems cannot be used until hardware and software setup installation processes are completed.

Cost Analysis

POS Application is normally subscription-based with short-term contracts which include licensing, customer support and software updates. However, locally hosted systems demand long-term contracts with high costs because they require a specific hardware setup, POS provider’s support and frequent maintenance. Still, this setup can be cost-effective for larger businesses.

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System ByteRMS

Real-Time Data Accessibility

Restaurant owners and managers can track the transaction details and account information from any location using their smartphones. It didn’t require having a physical set up to access data and owners can check reports even after closing hours in just a few clicks. However, as all data stores in the cloud so an active internet connection and software-compatible device are necessary to access sales data.

Sector-Focused Features

Nowadays, cloud-based EPOS is designed for particular sectors including restaurants and retail. The EPOS applications usually offer selected features relevant to these sectors and also offer on-demand additional features with an extra amount. Moreover, many POS Software can incorporate with other platforms including Xero and WooCommerce that offer more growth and flexibility.  Providers can customize POS features as per their unique customer needs.

Automatic Software Updates

An active WiFi or mobile network connection is necessary to run Restaurant Point of Sales Software. Although, some of its applications offer an offline mood when the connection is restored then offline data syncs into the cloud again. Many POS apps are only compatible with iPads but some can work on Android. Software updates are automatically done on these systems if customers are using the latest version of the application.  However, on-site POS systems work offline so they need a physical server to be set up in your restaurant and also need periodic updates manually.

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System ByteRMS

Highly Secure

As all business sales data stores on the cloud so it is highly secure. Even if the hardware is damaged then owners can still access sales data after logging in on a new device or computer. Secondly, POS providers automatically add security updates in the software according to the requirement to keep data secure. Conversely,  locally hosted point of sale systems requires a physical server to store data like a hard drive of a computer that means if anything happens with your computer then all data can be lost. So, the operating system could be up to date with the latest security updates to keep data safe.

Improve Efficiency & Profits

The restaurant administration can organize their staff, increase workflow and set a schedule for staff to minimize the chance of error by using Restaurant POS Solution. If all aspects of the business are under control then it will increase efficiency which will further enhance the profits. For Example, managers and owners can timely respond and manage queries related to menu, inventory and other problems.

Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System ByteRMS

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers feel happy and satisfied when they are treated like VIPs. Restaurant staff doesn’t need traditional pens and paper to take the order of guests rather they can use a mobile cloud based POS to get the order and transfer it to the kitchen for timely delivery of food. It will not only reduce the chance of error but also increase efficiency and staff will get more tips. So increase in customer retention is a key to gain more profits in the Restaurant Management System.

Last but not the least, it’s time to say goodbye to clunky servers and use Restaurant Point of Sales Software offered by ByteRMS with guaranteed results.

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